Professional Fence Staining & Restoration

Wood Defender Stains


Defend it like you mean it!  With one coat you are assured of a uniform application with no runs, drips or back brushing.  Mildew resistant, Wood Defender stains contain ultraviolet inhibitors to stabilize wood color and provide long lasting wood protection.

 We take care of all your exterior wood staining needs and we WARRANTY it! We specialize in staining and sealing wood privacy fences, decks, docks, pergolas, play-sets & more. 


We are Certified Fence and Deck Staining and Sealing Applicators through Standard Paints, Wood Defender. You can be assured that our factory-trained staining specialists will do a beautiful job

Anderson Fence & Stone only uses the BEST stain on the market, along with the best WARRANTY and that is Standard Paints "Wood Defender Stain and Seal."  Wood Defender Stains offer the highest quality stains and specially formulated for longevity.

Wood Defender's Semi-Transparent Stain comes with a three year warranty. You will not need to re-stain for 3-4 years using their Semi-Transparent Stain

Wood Defender's Transparent Stain comes with a full two year warranty. You will not need to re-stain for 2-3 years using Transparent Stain.

All Wood Defender Stains are oil-based, which is designed to penetrate deep into the wood fibers. Wood Defender Stain and Seal was developed to work from deep inside the wood fibers once it's applied. Other stains on the market work from the outside surface of the wood fibers and with little to no UV Protection. 

Unique Cleaing System

We take care to use a cleaning solution instead of power wash.  You can instantly see results as we remove the mold and bacteria that a power wash cannot get. Power washing can be very invasive and leave your fence with a splintered rough finish.

If you are not looking to put much money into your fence restoration or purchase a new fence all together, this is a great way to give your fence a face lift .  We work with many realtors and residents listing properties to bring their fences back to life and give a youthful appearance.  

Professional Equipment, Professional Results!


Our Pro Fence Staining Equipment is an all-in-one solution.  We have all the tools, materials and equipment for us to successfully and efficiently perform your staining job right the first time!  

Why Stain and Seal?


  By staining and sealing your fence with our process, you can extend the life of your fence practically indefinitely.  Not only does our process beautify your fence to a rich natural tone eliminating graying, it is THE most economical thing you can do to increase the value of your property.  

We use nothing but the best!  Wood Defender by Standard Paints is formulated for deep penetration and complete protection. You are not going to see any peeling or rough aging with this product guaranteed!  There's good reason why Wood Defender Stains are dubbed "The Contractor's Choice." Below is a list of the benefits our stain offers: 


  • Restore Weathered Wood
  • Extreme Climate Formula
  • Stabilizes Wood Color
  • Uniform Application
  • Seals & Waterproofs Wood
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Shields UV Rays

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